Jessie J has had enough of haters recent comments on her and Channing’s relationship.

Because her and his ex-wife Jenna Dewan both have dark hair and similar features (some people say) their looks have been compared  non-stop.

Fans along with the media have been relentless in giving their unasked for opinions.

And Jessie is having none of it. She refuses to get involved in the superficial drama, choosing instead to spread a message of positivity for young girls everywhere.

“I rarely, but sometimes see that my name is involved in stories online that I do not agree to. I often ignore them as 99% of the time it is something that doesn’t serve any positivity to speak on,” the British star wrote.

“However there is a story I have seen be rewritten over and over again in the past few weeks that talks about myself compared directly to another beautiful woman regarding our looks and people picking who they think is prettier.


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“I am here to talk about the headline and the way the story has been written, I have continuously tried to find something positive from this article… I am yet to. Who feels good from this story?” she asked.

“Who does this story inspire? Is picking who is prettier and then continuing to say why a good activity for women to participate in? No.

Jessie went on to say that the issue goes beyond her and Jenna. It affects woman all over the world or subjected to these constant judgements.

“I’m talking in general too. Beyond this story. It’s constant with women. Picking favorites. Do the media do it with men? No. Are women gaining a positive lesson from it? No.


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“I am so disappointed and embarrassed that my name is even involved. It’s not something I stand for, at all. I don’t take stories like this lightly. Because I know the kind of impact it has on younger girls reading it,” she said.

“I spent so much of my childhood trying to be comfortable in my skin just like so many other little girls, and when I got older, decided to spend my career making lots of music to try and help/inspire myself and all other women to see their beauty from the inside out and will continue to do so. Man does the world need it. More now than ever,” she urged.


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The singer used the negative comments to encourage others to rise above and support each other as a female community.

“I am a woman that supports ALL women. I am a woman that loves ALL women and will not stand quietly when the media is teach young girls to constantly compare one another. Or to pick who they think is prettier,” she said.

She concluded: “We are all BEAUTIFUL. We are enough just the way we are. Be the best you!!! You can’t wake up and be anyone but YOU. So please love your face, your body, your mind and your heart.

“Be good to yourself. And to those around you. Be sensitive with your words. Be kind with your words. You have no idea what they can to do someone. Alone ladies, we are strong. But TOGETHER?! US WOMEN can truly CHANGE THE WORLD.”

Wow. Way to respond with class, Jessie. You’ve not only managed to sidestep the trolls but to remind us of how strong we are as women when we’re united and not tearing each other down.