Still totally bitchin', and still with really great hair!

The stars of Bring It On reunited for the ultimate flashback experience to 15 years ago when cheerleaders were the absolute queens of the teen universe.

Kirsten Dunst, Gabrielle Union, Eliza Dushku and Jesse Bradford sat down with Entertainment Weekly to talk about how the low-budget 2000 movie was transformed into a complete cult classic.

"Even when I’m promoting different movies or my TV show, people still want to talk about Bring It On," Gabrielle said. 

Joining a cheer-squad was not necessarily fitting with their off-screen personas. 

"I was a tomboy growing up and kind of an anti-cheerleader in real life," Eliza explained.

"But I begrudgingly showed up for the audition, probably a little hungover. There were girls doing flips in the lobby, and I kind of cringed and dodged them and went in, and I guess Peyton [Reed] just found that hilarious. He asked me if I could do a split, so I got onto the ground into a split, and that was it."

Kirsten Dunst admitted that she remembers "not being super sure about it."

"I was like, ‘A cheerleading movie?’ It sounded like it could have been just a cheesy teen movie, but what sealed the deal for me was talking to the director," she explained.

Gabrielle added that while she played plenty of sports in school, nothing had ever prepared her for how intense cheerleading was going to be:

"Those rehearsals were some of the lower points in my life — I questioned my very existence. Everything hurt. That’s probably why there are a lot of close-ups of me, not wide shots."

Well, that sounds delightful, truly.

It was defintely worth it in the end as while Bring It On cost €24 million to make, it has grossed almost €90 million across the globe since it was released, accoording to Box Office Mojo.