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In quite a shocking turn of events, Aliona Vilani has quit BBC One's Strictly Come Dancing after seven years of being a professional dancer on the show. 

Aliona won the competition in last weekend's final, yet took to Twitter today to announce her departure. 

The blonde beauty shared a picture of her and Jay on Twitter and captioned it, "Going into Strictly Come Dancing Series13, I decided that no matter what would happen, it will be my last one."

And in another tweet she added, "After 7 years on Strictly Come Dancing, as my finale, this has been my best Strictly experience ever by a long way!"

The dancer previously won in 2012 with another boyband singer, Harry Judd from McFly.

And as she says 'goodbye' to Strictly, she says 'hello' to Florida. Aliona posted a snap of her and her husband at the airport today before their long haul flight (putting those Jay romance rumours to bed). 


After their victory on Strictly Come Dancing this weekend, the cast and crew had a party like no other.

But in the early hours of the morning, Jay McGuiness and Aliona Vilani shared a few moments of intimacy and we can't help but think if they are a couple behind all the bright lights and cameras.

Leaving the after-party, Jay and Aliona walked down the street holding hands, before Aliona stopped and wrapped her hand around Jay's face. 

The pictures look like they're a full-blown couple, right in the honeymoon stage, but social media has been asking about Aliona's husband, Vincent Kavanagh. 

On Saturday night, when Jay was announced as the winner, millions watched as the boyband singer pressed his face up against the professional dancer and the pulled her into his arms.

She responded by stroking his face and planting a kiss on his cheek. 

Only a few hours before he won the competition, Jay was interviewed and told Aliona, "There is so much I want to say. I'll just say that I love you to pieces."

And after a big hug, Aliona told him, "I love you, too."

Hmm, only time will tell with this one ladies. 



The Wanted  has released a statement on Twitter to reassure fans that they are ok, after reports began circling that they were involved in a frightening knife attack during the middle of the week.

The source said that Jay and Siva were approached by a homeless man after going to the cinema on Wednesday in Denver.

The reports said that Siva gave him a few dollars but, the man got more aggressive when he said he could afford to give more than that.

Apparently the homeless man, threatened The Wanted singers with a knife and a scuffle began between the three men.

But the official The Wanted Twitter account has reassured fans that both Jay and Siva are fine and there was no knife attack.


The Twitter account went on further to reassure fans that the boys were ok, as they followed with another tweet of their upcoming shows.



According to reports The Wanted singers, Siva Kaneswaran and Jay McGuiness were involved in a scary knife attack at the beginning of the week.

Siva and Jay were apparently walking from the cinema, when they were approached by a homeless man who asked them for money.

The two Wanted singers obliged and gave the homeless man some cash. But that apparently wasn’t enough, as the homeless man began to get aggressive and demanded more, to which they both refused.

The homeless man then threatened Siva and Jay with a knife and a scuffle began between the three of them.

Both Siva and Jay managed to escape unharmed and apparently have chosen to not get the police involved.