We could listen to James Vincent talk cosmetics for hours… and hours… and hours. (No seriously, we're obsessed.)

A make-up artist of incredible acclaim, James' list of clients includes the likes of Reese Witherspoon and Lady Gaga, so we were all ears when he decided to give an appraisal of Irish woman and their techniques.

While appearing on Today FM's Dermot and Dave Show in recent days, James provided a professional insight into the cosmetic trends currently doing the rounds in Ireland, and it sounds like we could all do with an injection of creativity.

While James acknowledged that "Irish women are considered to be some of the most beautiful in the world", he's noted that we appear to have a paint-by-numbers technique (our words, not his) when it comes to our faces.

"The thing that is strange to me is that everyone starts to look alike. I just walked through the department store on the way here and everyone has the same face," he surmised.

Joking that this may cause problems on the city's dating scene, James added: "I can only imagine how confusing it is for straight guys at the pub when you meet a girl. She walks away and then comes back over and you don't know who you were just talking to."

James did, however, say that cosmetic trends do tend to sweep major cities meaning that it's not surprising we tend to sport similar make-up styles, with James confirming that New York also has 'a look'.

Delving further still, James has noted the particular features we tend to accentuate in a similar way. saying: "I think if you look at Dublin right now, the brow is very specific, the bronzer is very specific, and it creates a look where people start to look similar."

"That's why I say individuality is really what it should be all about. You know, make up should make you feel individual," he advised.

Fair enough.