Mariah Carey is used to being the centre of attention and she poses up a storm when it comes to, well… anything. 

However, her fiancé James Packer looks like he still needs to get used to being in the spotlight.

The couple enjoyed a "festive" meal in Italy during the week, where Mariah donned a very racy outfit and didn't mind showing it off to the cameras.

A cake was presented to the pair at the restaurant, and while the singer bounced around to look good at every angle, James just looked totally awkward and fed up.


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To be fair he kept a smile on his face, but his eyes totally gave him away. He looks at the cake, then to the ground, back at the cake again and does just about anything to avoid eye-contact with all the people and the cameras around him.

Mariah shared the video on Instagram, where she's also seen grabbing James so he'll kiss her… and it's all just so cringey.

Watch, laugh and feel very, very sorry for him.