Way to shake up the alien conspiracy theorists, NASA.

UFO conspirators went into a frenzy this weekend after a video emerged online showing alleged aliens flying past the NASA International Space Station.

The 31-second clip shows six unidentified flying objects making their way past the space camera, until it cuts to black.

According to the Daily Mail, the UFOs were spotted by Youtuber Streetcap1, who then posted the video online.

It was later shared with a conspiracy website called SecureTeam.

A user named Tyler, said on the website that the objects were "fairly large" and were too big to be random floating particles roaming through space.

He said the objects were "much larger than NASA's typical excuse of ice particles… we must be looking at ice bergs," he joked.

The UFO-enthusiast then explained that NASA suspiciously cut the live feed to black before it was replaced with a camera from the inside of the space station's briefing room.

Last month, another man claimed to have seen a UFO on the same live feed.

He told The Mirror: "I've been watching it [the live feed] for years but never seen any UFOs on it before.

"I was showing a friend how it worked at around 11.30pm when the feed cut out, and 35 seconds after it came back on, this object appeared.

"At first it was really small and then it grew bigger, lasting for about 25 seconds."

Forget about zombies, we could be facing an alien invasion next, lads.