High top sneakers have been around longer than most of us, but they’re really having a moment now. Although they’re the perfect comfortable option for a relaxed weekend outfit, high tops can also be worn as an alternative to heels, or a street-style twist on your Saturday night outfit, discover the best with shoe hero guides.

Styling high tops can be a little difficult though, so we’ve taken the liberty of breaking things down for you!

First things first – the shoe itself. There are two main types of high tops, thin and thick.

Thin high tops
Made of a canvas-like fabric and generally tied closer to the leg, like these Converse high tops:

Thinner high tops can sometimes make the ankle look small and awkward, so avoid very skinny jeans! Here are some styling tips…

Loosen up
Wider-legged or slightly baggier trousers work well with Converse-style high tops. Model Kati Nescher has the right idea here with these boyfriend-style denims:

Let a little bit of skin peek out at the end of your skinny jeans, to avoid the illusion that your ankles about to snap off. We like K-Stew’s laid-back look here:

Flirty and feminine
Loose, floral dresses are the perfect complement to boyish high tops. This street style muse looks incredible in her short dress and Converse:

Thick high tops
More padded material, usually tied a little looser, like this funky white and gold pair:

With thicker high tops you can get away with tighter jeans and a more edgy style. Follow these tips for easy ways to wear them…

Get the skinny
Skinny denims, leggings or leather pants look amazing with bright high tops. Jessica Alba adds some attitude to an otherwise basic pair of jeans with her white kicks:

Grin and bare it
Miniskirts and shorter dresses look amazing with thick high tops and are a great option for night time. Rihanna is rocking this sexy grey skirt:

So next time you’re looking for some versatile footwear, put away those heels and give some thought to the humble high top!