Whether we need some motivation to get this "beach bod" or just feel like scrolling through beautiful plates and fitness inspo, health-related content is one of our guilty pleasures on the gram.

While we don't condone unrealistic images and extreme crash diets, we do like to see some lovely ladies working hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle and spread some positive vibes. 

To help you refresh your feed with some great relatable content, here are some of our favourite health influencers of late.  

Lee from America


i wish i could say i’ve been waking up at 5:30am for meditation and morning hikes my entire adult life, but that would be a lie. today on the blog, i’m sharing my personal story about my dark past with alcohol, partying, and how i ended the addictive cycle before it ended me. alcohol, drugs, and partying are an acceptable part of our youth culture. we are just ‘getting it out of our system’ and ‘living life to the fullest!’ and while that was true for me at first, it became another way for me to numb myself and it spiraled out of control and drove me down a dark lonely path of self-sabotage. when leaving a life of partying and alcohol behind, it can be extremely isolating trying to make new friends who have similar interests, especially in a new city. in the blog post, i share how i formed a new community of like-minded people who supported me and shared similar interests. i also share some tips for navigating the dating world when #sobercurious, how to own your choices and overcome the “peer pressure” we can feel when saying NO. knowing whats best for you and your body is empowering. let your choices uplift you and set you free. link is in bio  #sobercurious #leefromamerica

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With her gorgeous smile and her bubbly personality, Lee Tilghman will give you loads of positive vibes if you follow her on the gram. 

Based in Los Angeles, the recipe developer is passionate about helping women find the confidence to make healthy choices and feel empowered to live their best lives. And we just want to be her friend!


For daily healthy cooking inspo, Clémentine's feed is the place to go.

While super pretty, the plates she makes are actually quite easy to make at home and we love her fuss-free colourful style. 


A college student in NYC, Tayler  McKellop started sharing her daily plant-based meals and recipes to inspire others to make healthier choices.

We love the beautiful bowls and decadent smoothies she posts on her page!



Casually chillin in a window like  I recently realized that my 2 year yoga-versary is coming up! And by that I mean I’ve been consistently practicing yoga daily for almost 2 years  When I first did yoga I thought it was boring…oh how times have changed! Now I look forward to my practice every day and honestly feel like the day is not complete without a little mat time  I practice at home 6/7 days a week (mostly doing @bananablondie108’s videos), and go to a studio for a class on the weekends. Michelle (@bananablondie108) and I are actually going to be filming a YOGA Q&A video together next week, so if you have any topics you’d like us to cover, please leave them below!  //: @beyondyoga from @yogaoutlet + : @cocomichele_ #FromMyBowl #YogaSideEffects

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Based in Miami, Caitlin Shoemaker is a vegan recipe developer and tbh, her glowing skin and gorgeous food photos could convince us to take the plunge! 

Her YouTube channel offers loads of inspiration for easy vegan budget-friendly recipes. 



It’s weeks like this that I realise how much I love cooking and being in my own kitchen! #domesticprincess #missyou I mentioned/warned you guys that these next three weeks were going to be INSANE for me! I’m trying my hardest to keep you in the loop and keep you up to date with my eBook, meet up, fruit & nut mix launch on Monday, activewear restock, YouTube uploads, protein balls news and more so I haven’t even had time to grocery shop, let alone cook! SOOO I’ve pretty much become a master at ordering takeout and grabbing meals on the go. I usually always go for some kind of dense salad or nourish bowl. I make sure there’s some nice, healthy fats in there like avocado, nuts and seeds, as well as loads of veggies!! Sometimes I get boiled eggs, chicken or salmon and other times I’ll gravitate towards vegan falafels, chickpeas and lentils. I don’t restrict myself, and I try to keep my diet as colourful as possible!! While I’m feeling really time poor and exhausted right now, I’m genuinely so excited and blown away by everything that’s going on! I can’t wait to share some really REALLY exciting news with you. Stay tuned sissys. BIG things coming!!

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Sarah Stevenson has been sharing her tips and tricks on fitness, health and wellbeing since 2013.

The Australian influencer follows a paleo diet but we love her relaxed attitude towards food.


Another beauty from Down Under, Madalin  Giorgetta is certified personal trainer with a passion for lifting.

Her gym clothes selfies will seriously make you want to hit the treadmill and pull some heavy weight! 


Born and bred in Co Louth, Dr Hazel Wallace has gained a huge Instagram following with her sensible approach to nutrition and fitness. 

With a second book hitting the shelves this week, Hazel is on a mission to help us feed ourselves with easy recipes and forget all about crash diets.


A great mix of pretty plates and fitness inspo, Zanna van Dijk's Instagram page is all about body positivity and fun vibes.

We can understand why Adidas chose her as their global ambassador!

Also, don't miss her podcast Fit & Fearless, where she discusses all things fitness from eating disorders and lifting weights through to body confidence and cardio.