He may be taking on some of the most challenging roles in Hollywood, but it seems that becoming a father is one challenge that Eddie Redmayne is not taking lightly. 

The 34-year-old actor confirmed pregnancy rumours at the Golden Globes over the weekend. 

When Ryan Seacrest asked if Eddie's wife was expecting, the Oscar-winning star said: "That is true."

"I’m sweating now – she’s calm I’m not."

Eddie married Hannah Bagshawe in 2014 and it seems that the whirlwind continues for Eddie whose personal and professional life is accelerating in positive ways. 

Eddie was met with critical acclaim and an Oscar after portraying Stephen Hawking in 2014's massive hit, The Theory of Everything. 

And he has continued to garner support and nominations this year as he plays transgender character, Einar Wegener, in the Danish Girl alongside Alicia Vikander. 

The couple's first child is thought to be due in late Spring of this year.