‘Granny rocks’, was the caption that accompanied a very adorable snap of Irish singer Sinead O’Conner and as she proudly showed off her first grandchild.

Posting the photo on her Facebook with the caption earlier this morning, the Nothing Compare 2U singer was certainly looking relaxed as she held the new born.

Sinead’s son Jake,27, and his partner Lia welcomed their new baby just last week and it obviously wasn’t going to take long before Sinead shared her good news with her fans.

The brand new grandmother, 48, was certainly looking rested in the photo, but she has just cancelled all of her forthcoming summer gigs due to exhaustion.

This included her scheduled performance at the Galway Arts Festival at which she was supposed to make an appearance this weekend.

A statement released by her spokesperson explained that it was doctor’s orders that were keeping her from performing in Canada, Ireland and Norway.

“She is suffering from exhaustion due to an existing not resolved medical situation and she has been advised by the doctor to stop any activity and rest.

'Because of this she is completely unable to travel and to perform.”

Sinead was also recently in the headlines when she blasted Kim Kardashian’s Rolling Stones cover shoot. Her colourful rant included the statement that the cover was a sign “music has officially died.”

She certainly isn’t one to hold back on her opinions.