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We're all guilty of it: we wake up full of good intentions. We weather breakfast and maybe even lunch admirably, but at some stage we reckon 'feck it! – the diet starts tomorrow," before diving head-first into a giant glass of wine or family-sized bag of Kettle Crisps.

Because it seems that everyone is always starting their healthy eating regimes and exercise schedules 'tomorrow,' – or indeed 'on Monday…' or on the 'first of the month'.

So what's difficult about starting right now? And what can we do to give ourselves a kick up the arse?

Here, SHEmazing! brings you the ultimate guide to getting motivated…


1) Ask yourself why

Are you losing weight simply because you feel you 'should'? A lack of goals or clear targets will allow you to put off the best intentions indefinitely.

So ask yourself why: to fit back into your jeans; to look your best at a wedding; to be able to run 5km without stopping. Keep these goals in mind at all times until healthy living becomes second nature.

And write it all down too – then store it on your phone and refer back regularly. 

2) Know your triggers 

A lot of time, we don't really the reasons that prompt us to overeat – leading to binges. So work out how you eat and why. Do you eat because you're bored, or emotional, or thirsty? Do you always crack at 6pm? Are you someone who needs to have a treat day – or are you better off sticking to a diet plan until you start to see results?

Everyone is different – and you're best placed to identify your own nutritional pitfalls. While you're at it, clear the kitchen out of the food that you know you'll lean on after a tough day.

3) Preparation is key

No matter how much background checks you carry out – you won't get very far if you're not organised. This might mean having a stash of almonds or carrot sticks in your handbag at all times, so when hungry strikes you can reach for something healthy.

It probably means planning the week's meals in advance on a Sunday evening – hitting the supermarket accordingly.

Check out menus before eating out too in order to work out your best bets. The same goes to exercise and the gym: schedule in your sessions and stick to them as you would a job interview or important appointment. 

4) Spread the word

You'll need support no matter what – so tell your friends and family of your plans to get healthy and lose any excess kilos. Explain to them that you really want to quit the yo-yo dieting cycle, and that you're fully committed to making this plan work once and for all.

Spell out why this is something that's important to you, and emphasise that their support could well mean the difference between success and failure. For your own sake too – knowing that others know will help you stay on track.

5) Get visual

Dig out a picture of you wearing your coveted size 12 jeans – or a snap of you in a bikini looking pretty great. Make copies and stick them around your house: the fridge; your wardrobe; the bathroom mirror.

Knowing that you were once fitter and healthier than you are now proves that you can be that way again. If you want, you can even stick up a snap of a celebrity body shape you really admire.


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