It's nearly that time of year again (sob). 

The nights are becoming darker and the weather is getting colder – and with that comes a long list of unwanted beauty problems. 

As the cold weather sets in, your skin will feel dry, flaky and chapped; and let's be honest, we really don't have time to deal with that. 

But there are many practical ways to protect your skin during the colder months, and they're actually pretty easy to get used to. 

Cover your skin from head to toe

Of course it's your natural instinct to bundle up when the cold weather hits, but be smart about your choices. Don't just throw on layers; wear gloves on your hands, a scarf around your neck, and protect any part of your chest that isn't covered by your coat. 


Don't wash your hair every day

When you shampoo your hair, it actually strips your hair of natural oils. If you do this too often, along with harsh weather setting in, your hair will turn very dry and brittle. Try to go every second or third day instead to keep your hair in top-tip shape. 


Provide more moisture

The moisture from your skin evaporates quickly in the cold and wind of winter months, and your skin produces less oil as well. To combat this problem, use a thicker moisturiser on your skin. But make sure it suits your skin type as you really don't want a break-out. 


Use hand lotion

You use your hands for every task, every day – yet it's so easy to forget to take care of them. Use a specialised hand cream every morning and evening to help prevent them becoming sore and chapped. 


Stay hydrated

You might want to sip hot chocolate during the colder months but it is really important to stay hydrated by drinking water every day. Not only will it help your body stay hydrated, it will help your skin too. This combined with your new moisturising routine, you won't even know it's winter outside!