We are LOVING the scorcher that is heading our way this week.

As temperatures are set to rise, we are starting to contemplate how to get our pale skin to go brown, rather than red.

However, there is another hazard that the unfamiliar summer heat is bringing and you probably have it in your room.

The Dublin Fire Brigade took to Twitter to highlight the danger of mirrors, crystals and glasses kept beside windows.

Time to move the aerosols away as they can explode if exposed to the heat.

The video shows the damage caused as a result of a vanity mirror left in a window.

They issued a reminder to move everything into the shade and to keep in mind that the sun moves around as the day draws on.

The firefighters highlighted the need to stay well hydrated during the heatwave.

We should be gulping down at least 2.5 litres a day!

Excuse us while we run home, grab a bottle of water and make sure everything is in the shade!