Every day, life throws challenges at us when we least expect them –job loss, family problems, health issues.  While most of us have all been there, it’s how you handle the problem that sets you apart from the ordinary.

During a crisis, you’re going to have a natural “fight or flight” response – we’re here to help you make sure you can tackle the problem head on instead of running away.

Breathe deeply
When you’re facing a crisis, your heart and breathing can speed up and go into overdrive. Make sure you breathe deeply – remember, in through your noise and out through your mouth.

Think before you act
Before you go running for the hills, assess the situation and try to determine how to fix the problem or handle the situation. Never think something is impossible before you try it.

Reassure yourself
Often your mind will start racing into the worst case scenario so tell yourself that you will be fine. Reassuring yourself out loud will help you gain some perspective.

Accepting that things can go wrong will help you prepare for any future crisis.