In today's world, it's very uncommon for a major brand to not have an Instagram. 

Most designer labels and brands devote huge resources to the social media site, inspiring customers to post to them and about them. 

Of course, some brands IG better than others, but in a new study carried out by M by Macy's we see the surprising outcome of which apparel companies are on top of the #hashtag leader board.

The reports show which brand has the most mentions and followers, as well as the most overall engagement. 

Nike tops both lists, with 47.7m mentions and 18.7m followers. 

Prada ranks in second with mentions (18.7m), but then drops to tenth in followers (4.2m). 

Other surprises include Vans Shoes, which beat Fendi, Burberry and Louis Vuitton in mentions. 

With IG's growing popularity and brands' fluctuating relevance in the industry, we suspect these figures will change. But for now, the ranking is a good indicator of which brands are generating the most interest on social media. 

See the full list of rankings below: