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Justin Bieber found out the hard way that splashing water on stage during a dance routine is a recipe for disaster.

The singer was in the middle of a song, and as fake rain flooded the stage, he fell right on his arse.

The moment was captured on social media and has been making its way around the Internet all morning.

As he slipped back, fans were heard gasping and asking if he was OK, but ever the, erm.. professional, Justin hopped back up and continued performing.


Celebs are getting rather clumsy these days. First, Jennifer Lawrence can't stop falling at award shows, and now Demi Lovato is following is her (unbalanced) footsteps. 

While performing at the Jingle Bell Ball in New York City last weekend, Demi had a little mishap. 

While closing her set with Cool for the Summer, the singer tripped over her mic stand and landed smack on the floor. 

But true to form, Demi got straight back up again and started fist-pumping the air. She then proceeded to tweet about the unfortunate blunder: 

When it comes to Ms Lovato, one thing is for sure: nothing will keep that girl down. Literally. 


It’s definitely safe to say that we wouldn’t want HIM nearby if we needed a helping hand!

Mariah Carey has been enjoying an extended vacay on a yacht with billionaire beau, James Packer.

But life proved to be a little less glamorous when the 45-year-old singer almost took a tumble down a flight of stairs during a stop off in Spain.

Thankfully a crew member was there to catch her hand and stop her from injuring herself… quite unlike her fella.

The 47-year-old Australian casino mogul didn’t break a sweat (or move a muscle) when his leading lady almost went flying.

James can be seen totally nonchalant as he sits back with his feet up looking on as Mariah struggles to stay upright.

The couple have been holidaying together for a month, and rumour has it that things are moving VERY quickly.

It was reported that the couple attended a ‘pre-engagement spiritual meeting’ in Israel last week, and have plans to soon get engaged.

We’re just wondering what the groom will do if Mariah falls at the altar! 



A grown woman face planting on an icy path on the way to work while wearing a pencil skirt is definitely not adorable.

Take our word for it. We’ve tested it out plenty of times. For research purposes, of course.

However, this super cute Russian baby slowly (and safely!) face planting on the ice while wearing a squee-worthy snow suit is incredibly adorable.