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We didn't really need more reasons to hoover up the chocolate, but one of our favourite hot chocolate spots has given us another. 

Butlers Chocolates are joining other businesses in the fight to reduce our plastic waste.

The company took to Twitter to announce that they are now more than happy to give you that complementary chocolate without the little plastic bag.

The tweet was captioned “no bag, no problem.”

Butlers added, “just ask for your free chocolate in your hand and we will happily oblige.”

The initiative already seems like a hit with the Internet, as people have been tweeting the company to applaud the decision.

The supermarket also included a target to make 100 percent of its private label packaging widely recyclable, reusable, refillable or renewable, as well as ensuring that half their materials for the private label packaging are sourced from recyclables, by 2025.

After direct feedback from their customers, they will introduce a number of measures to supply more loose fruit and vegetables, free of plastic.

According to Lidl, they will trial 11 additional loose options, bringing their overall plastic free lines to around 25 percent of the range.

The packaging measures were announced shortly after Lidl had won the ‘Green Retailer Award’ at this year’s annual Green Awards.

The retailer said it will continue to trial the removal and adaptation of packaging and will monitor any impact this has on food waste.

Speaking to Checkout MagazineJ.P. Scally, managing director, Lidl Ireland & Northern Ireland said:

“We have looked at plastic packaging in the context of our wider sustainability commitments and strongly believe that our circular approach will deliver a viable long-term solution without compromising on our ability to deliver exceptional value to customers,

We have listened to the feedback from our customers who are requesting more recyclable packaging and less plastic,” Mr Scally added.



The Great Barrier Reef is one of the world's most beautiful habitats, and is home to hundreds of marine life species. 

One resident of the reef is being negatively impacted by human pollution and chemicals.

The green sea turtle has been found to have been impacted by contamination, researchers found. 

Human medications, pesticides, herbicides and industrial chemicals have all been found in the blood streams of the sea creatures, according to the World Wildlife Fund.

'What you put down your sink, spray on your farms, or release from industries ends up in the marine environment and in turtles in the Great Barrier Reef,' said environmental chemist Amy Heffernan from the University of Queensland

'Humans are putting a lot of chemicals into the environment and we don't always know what they are and what effect they are having, we need to be conscious of that,' she said.


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'There is one new chemical registered for use every six seconds, so the libraries and the databases that we use to identify these chemicals just can't keep up.'

Turtles from multiple areas were tested by the researchers. 

Chemical exposure has been linked to stress and other negative side effects in marine wildlife.

The turtles tested were already showing indications of inflammation and liver dysfunction.

Moral of the story? Be careful what you pour down the sink. 


Soon your parents could not only be ordering you to clean your plate, but eat it too. That’s if LOLIWARE has their way.

The company has developed a line of fully edible and biodegradable tableware as a solution to overflowing landfills.

Made using plant-based gelatine (vegan friendly!), LOLIWARE cups come in a range of flavours and textures. When you’re finished your drink you can either eat it, or break it down in seconds using boiling water.

Anything left over can be composted, making it one of the most eco-friendly products around.

There are bad points however. One downside is cost. At the moment a pack of four cups costs nearly $12, a bit prohibitive for your average barbecue. They also don’t ship outside the US, so it could be a while before you can try them for yourself.

LOLIWARE is a new company and has a few teething problems, but as it expands production these should be solved. Most importantly they have launched a new, creative and delicious way to deal with pollution and waste.

If more companies follow their example our diet could take a big change for the functional.



We can all help to make a difference in the world around us.

A few simple changes to our life can have a big impact.

Why not start today!

1. Have a Meatless Monday

2. Switch to online bank statements

3. Invest in a reusable water bottle

4. Avoid products made from or aiding the destruction of endangered animals

5. Turn off the tap when shampooing and brushing teeth

6. Buy local produce as much as possible

7. Take public transport

8. Wash clothes at 40°C or lower

9. Turn off all switches at night and all lights when not required

10. Recycle – packaging, clothes, bottles, technology, everything you can!