Instagram is the place we go to for our travel inspiration these days. 

We've discovered so many new and wonderful places when planning trips away thanks to the app, places we never would have dreamed or known existed. 

Travel bloggers have been a huge part of the travel industry for the past few years, with their perfectly lit, turquoise sea shots swaying the accommodation decisions of millions of travellers. 

However, while Instagram is known for its glorious photography and stunning travel shots, there is key part of the Insta image we often forget about – editing. 

One travel blogger, known as The Ginger Wanderlust, has been letting her followers in on the tricks of the travel blogging trade with her dramatic before-and-after travel shots. 

Ellie Green, the brain behind the blog, has been showcasing her personal editing tricks on her Instagram. 

Sharing the same image twice, one edited to blogger standard and one which has never felt the touch of the brightening tool, Ellie has transparently educated her following on how to edit their own images, and revealed how things actually look in the process. 

While the reality of her images is still stunning, it's amazing to see the difference a bit of editing can do. 

In Ellie's reveals, the water is always beautifully turquoise, the sandy pearly white, and the sunsets blossoming with streaks of pink and purple. 

Her snaps manage to showcase the beauty of her surroundings, while reminding us that Instagram can differ quite a bit from reality when it comes to travel locations. 

Feature Image: The Ginger Wanderlust / Instagram