So it turns out, tourists love Dublin! And what's not to love? On a sunny day, Temple Bar has been known to be a place where you can make an absolute pile of friends over a few pints. 

According to a survey on Twitter, Dublin has been voted the world's friendliest destination to visit. 

This survey was carried out by it was found Dublin had the most friendly locals and next to Nice, France, it was the most enjoyable destination to holiday. 

It was also found that Ireland came in fifth place on the list of enjoyable countries for a holiday. Ahead of it was Spain, the UK, Thailand and Italy respectively. 

The Mexico location of Cancun grabs the spot for having the best views in the world, with New York coming in second place. 

For all the foodies out there, Dubrovnik in Croatia has been voted the place to go worldwide for food, with Paris following behind. 

The survey consisted of analysing thousands of tweets by people travelling to different countries. used several phrases which were used in tweets to describe different destinations including: 'beautiful sunset', 'amazing views', 'delicious food' and 'friendly locals'.