If Frozen hasn't captivated the world already, Zayn Malik as hopped on the bandwagon in his latest Dubmash video. 

The ex-boyband member shared a video on Twitter, where he lip-sync's some of Olaf's lines. 

He clearly thinks the video is as funny as we think it is because he's laughing to himself all the way along.

Now, we love Olaf, but an Olaf-Zayn mash-up could get seriously messy in the future. Who knew he was such a big fan?!

Only yesterday, Zayn shared a photo to his Instagram page with his new girl, Gigi Hadid. 

She was visiting him in London all weekend, so no doubt she was behind-the-scenes giggling as he filmed the Olaf video.

The pair really seem to be taking their relationship to the next level – but that doesn't stop Gigi from being a bit shy about it as she was seen hiding her face when she entered his hosue.