So we know most people would probably spend quite some time touring around the world if they happened to scoop the Euromillions jackpot.

However, if your first port of call is a new house… then we have just the abode for you. 

And sure, if you're an overnight multi-millionaire (oh yeah, tonight's jackpot is worth €30m), you may as well splash the cash and be truly lavish. 

In fact, we've decided the first thing we're going to do if our lucky numbers do get picked, is buy Glin Castle in Co. Limerick… because we REALLY need 21 bedrooms.

Our future home comes in at a huge €6.5m which will seem like pocket-change once we win all those millions. This mansion sits on more than 150 hectares of park land and contains formal gardens as well as a functioning dairy farm on the grounds.

It extends to 2,000sq metres over three floors, which we reckon is is plenty of room for our new personal trainers to take us for jogs in the morning. Heck! We could actually even have our own music festival on the grounds.

The house is a romantic, fairytale style castle and is just the type of luxury we are after.

It's a tad old-fashioned, but we plan to do pimp it out with a home cinema, a glam room (or two), walk-in wardrobes galore and maybe a swimming pool and jacuzzi for good measure. 

The last Knight of Glin, Desmond FitzGerald, died four years ago; his family have lived in situ for an incredible 700 years.

What we also love for our €6.5m? The great hall would definitely be good for great parties. Featuring symbols of Ireland, it has never been restored since its construction in the 1780s.

Off this party space is a magnificent double-flying staircase – the only one of its kind in Ireland – and a swish Venetian window.

There is even a secret passageway: concealed within a broken mahogany book case.

Over the years the likes Mick Jagger, Marianne Faithfull and Talitha Getty have all stayed there. There are further celeb connections too: the last Knight's daughter Catherine FitzGerald is married to Dominic West of The Wire fame. She is selling up along with her two sisters, who both live abroad. 

Still if all else fails and we don't win the Euromillions, what about a load of us chip in and buy it together?