It’s safe to say that any woman in the world would love to have Miranda Kerr’s clear and glowing complexion.

The Victoria’s Secret model knows exactly what to do to achieve this – and she’s shared it with us. Yay!

According to Miranda, the secret behind her figure and skin is a simple SALAD! “Every day I eat a big salad with finely chopped spinach and kale, fennel, and macadamia nut oil … fresh lemon squeezed on that with apple cider vinegar. Add feta cheese, olives, cucumber.”

Sounds delicious!

Miranda was speaking at an event for her company KORA Organics where she also praised the company’s rosehip oil with doing wonders for her skin: “I put it on every night. I really believe it makes a big difference to my skin. It’s full of antioxidants and essential fatty acids.”