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As it turns out, all of the hours you spent trying to take the perfect selfie for your Tinder profile was actually quite pointless; you should have been fussing over your name.

The Grade voted and ranked the hottest names on social media dating apps – based on how many swipe rights they receive – and guys think some names are way sexier than others. 

Now we know you can't change your name (unless you want to catfish someone), but if you want to find out who has a bit of an edge over you, here are the women's names that came out on top:

1. Brianna

2. Erika

3. Lexi

4. Brooke

5. Vanessa

6. April

7. Natalie

8. Jenna

9. Molly

10. Katie

And what guys names came out on top, you ask?

1. Brett

2. Tyler

3. Corey

4. Andy

5. Noah

6. Shane

7. Jeffery

8. Rob

9. Frank

10. Jeff

Now, we don't know any Brett's or Jeffery's but we sure need to find some now! 


Not entirely sure why everyone is surprised by the latest dating app to hit the market.

There’s something for every kind of preference out in the big bad world of internet dating. From beard lovers to sailor lovers, even people with foot fetishes are being catered for. There was just one giant gaping hole in the market: a dating site for dog lovers.

Fear not! Tindog has arrived, and the ‘puppy love’ puns are only going to get worse.

Who hasn’t spent a Saturday night doing the Netflix and chill routine with their canine companion and thought, “If only me and Rover could find love online”.

Any good dog owner surely feels that obligation to ensure their four-legged friend finds their soulmate, did Lady and the Tramp teach you nothing?

And now, you can. Tindog is essentially the same as it’s more humanist sister app, except it’s targeted at dog owners. Get thee to the nearest Italian for spaghetti and meatballs, immediately.

Instead of spending hours swiping left or right trying to figure out who’s your match from a cryptic group profile photo, you get to stare at puppies all day. And night, if you’re so inclined.

Most of the users are going to be completely naked, fair warning. But that’s expected- they are dogs after all.

It feels like a winner for a lot of lonely souls with cute pooches out there, because who could swipe left on an adorable Husky pup? Or what about all the Pug lovers out there?


"This is what my night looks like when u cancel plans with me" -Doug

A photo posted by Doug the Pug (@itsdougthepug) on

Doggie lovers are going to be all over this, we can feel it.

Founder and CEO (and absolute genius) Julien Muller said in a press release:

“Dogs bring so much joy and love, that they really have the power to connect us. That’s why we wanted to make it easy for dog lovers to meet new people.”

Just like Tinder, when Tindog users match, they can chat and arrange a pet play-date, or an actual date sans puppies.

But let’s be honest, there’s probably going to be a lot of guys borrowing their family pets for romantic strolls about town.



Dating apps are weird. I don’t care how normalised they have become in the life of the average single twenty-something, there’s still something about a lot of them that rubs me up the wrong way – especially after a recent experience.

I should say at this point that my interaction on these apps is limited, and for that I am grateful. I’ve been going out with a really great guy for nearly three years (smug? Moi?), and I am convinced (convinced!) that had Tinder been operational while I was still single, all hell would have broken loose.

Not that it hasn’t already done so among my friends. One of the girls Googled a guy she was chatting to only to find he was up in court, another had the L-word used on her a week in, and one lad I know has his profile picture used for catfishing purposes on Tinder. The list goes on – it's bleak.

Dating has always been a bit of a minefield, but stuff like Tinder definitely pushes new boundaries – and as I found out, so does Cuddlr. My experience with Cuddlr, billed by its creators as a ‘location-based social-meeting app for cuddling,’ all started out as a bit of innocent fun. Isn’t that what they all say? Famous last words…

Last month after hearing about it, myself and a few colleagues downloaded it at lunch one day for the fun of it, simply because we could not believe that something this ridiculous actually existed. The app itself has a number of glitches and is pretty weird; but still, we sent each other and some strangers cuddle requests, had a good laugh and then went back to work. I totally forgot I even had the app until later that evening, when this notification popped up.

Because of the aforementioned glitchiness, I couldn’t even see who it was from.

I was instantly terrified, but I should have known – it’s location-based, so whoever was messaging me was able to see where my office is. I checked in with some of my colleagues to see if it was any of them, messing – it wasn’t.  I was scared. Cuddlr was deleted straight away, lesson learned. Don’t use Cuddlr unless you’re serious about the whole stranger hook-up element.

Each to his own, but it’s experiences like these that make me totally miss the days when socialising online was limited to the likes of Habbo Hotel and Neopets. I still prefer meeting people the good old-fashioned way – nice and awkward, in person, sometimes with a bit of Dutch courage.

Of course, I’m open to correction; there is no right or wrong here, only experiences. Surely there are happy couples out there who met on Tinder? Has a cuddle courtesy of Cuddlr helped you get through the day?! Let us know!

Oh, and did you really think I was going to tell you all about the time I used 3nder – the threesome hookup app? Nah. I’ll leave that to the more adventurous…

Deirdre Foley is a history grad, sceptic, wearer of red lipstick and self-confessed 'beauty maniac'. She is also the co-founder of fabulous Irish beauty blog, Viva Adonis.