Remember the ice bucket challenge? Well, there is a new challenge in town and it involves your favourite form of contraception. 

Yep, we are here to inform you about the latest BIZARRE social media craze; the condom challenge. 


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Hmm, we can't imagine celebs getting on board with this one. 

The latest challenge involves participants dropping a water-filled condom onto the head of a friend or partner. 

Why you ask? Well, while the ice bucket challenge raised awareness for ALS, the #condomchallenge is looking to promote safer sex. 

The purpose of the challenge is to demonstrate that if a condom laden with water can fit around someone's HEAD and not break, there is really no excuse for unsafe sex.

Oh and also because it is hilarious to watch. 

The trend was first spotted last week and has since gained serious momentum as thousands of videos have been posted to various social media sites. 

And it would seem that many can see the positives of the challenge. 

Make sure you take care if trying it at home!

Do you this it's absolutely stupid or will you be taking up the challenge?