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Forking out for a fancy new concealer that is supposed to leave you feeling fresh faced and blemish free only to find it does the opposite, or nothing at all, can be very annoying.

However, Cosmopolitan went on a mission to discover the ultimate concealer hacks. These are just some of the best application tricks you can use to make sure you’re getting the most from your favourite product.

1. Triangle:

The most flattering way, supposedly, to apply concealer is by drawing a triangle with the base under your eyes and pointing towards your cheek.

2. Invest in colours:

Green concealers are considered the most helpful when dealing with redness. You can cancel out a pimple's redness by applying green concealer with a clean brush to only the pimple (not the skin around it) to avoid spreading the bacteria. Then you can blend your normal concealer to help provide more coverage.

3. Use a tissue:

After applying concealer use a tissue to blot the area gently. This can help avoid concealer settling into any creases in the skin.

4. Cat-eye cheats:

An angled brush dipped in a small amount of concealer can be used to adjust your winged eyeliner if need be. Much easier than removing it all to start from scratch, and also helps avoid looking like a panda.

5. Fake a full pout:

Using a small amount of a light shade of concealer on the middle of your lips before applying lip colour can give the appearance of fuller lips.

6. Keep your brows on fleek:

Using a light concealer above and below the brow can make your brows really pop and help them appear more defined. Just make sure you blend carefully.

7. Fake the best sleep of your life:

If you line three sections of your eyes: the inner ‘V,’ the middle of your eyelid, and just below the brow bone. Lightly blend for instantly well-rested eyes and a highlight that looks natural. 

8. Banish dark circles:

Apparently a concealer with more of an orange or peach hue is best to help you cover up any dark circles you may be sporting. They tend to cancel out the bluish tones that the under eye circles will tend to give off.



Unless you have a glaring pimple or a hormonal breakout, sometimes concealer can feel like a bit of an afterthought. But that little tube of liquid can do so much more than cover up annoying spots!

Here are a few of our tried-and-tested concealer hacks, as well as a few uses that definitely aren’t listed on the box!

1. Apply it like a pro
Rather than swiping concealer in a horizontal line under each eye to cover dark circles, apply it in an upside-down triangle shape, with the two outer points at the corners of your eye and the inner point hitting the apple of your cheek. Dab it on in lines or dots and blend to cover the whole area. This technique will reflect light upward giving you instantly brighter skin.

2. Don’t waste it!
When you apply your foundation over concealer, you end up wiping away most of your hard work. Use your foundation as a base and apply concealer over it – you won’t need to use as much to cover blemishes AND you’ll get longer lasting coverage!

3. Know your colours
Concealer is not just made to suit your skin tone, you know. Most shades can be divided up into peach, green or yellow-based hues. Peach is best for hiding dark circles, while yellower shades balance out uneven skin tones. A green-tinted concealer should be the go-to choice for those prone to acne or breakouts – it’s perfect for combatting redness.

4. Run out of concealer?
Panic not! Your trusty concealer is basically a more concentrated version of foundation. If you’re stuck, apply a small amount of foundation to the skin and let it set for a minute or so before blending. Allowing the thinner liquid to dry out and thicken on your skin means you’ll get almost the same coverage as you would from a standard concealer.

5. Get lighter coverage
If you’re not in the mood to slap on a full face of make-up but just know today will be the day you randomly bump into your ex while looking wrecked and pale, throw together a makeshift tinted moisturister using a blend of your regular day cream and some concealer. The thickness of concealer means the light mixture won’t slide off your skin when applied.

6. Combat puffy eyes
Nothing is a bigger giveaway for a hangover or lack of sleep than that telltale puffiness around your eyes – but we have the solution. First tap gently across your eyelids and under your eyes to encourage movement of fluid under the skin. Then apply a mix of eye cream, highlighter and concealer under your eyes, on the outer edges and across the brow-bone. This will not only hide any dark circles but will brighten the whole area. Instant facelift!

7. Use it all over!
If you’re dying to wear that backless dress but have some less-than-glamourous “bacne,” your concealer is here to help. Lightly apply it to the spot, then follow up with some translucent powder. Repeat this process until the blemish is completely hidden. The powder holds the concealer in place so you don’t need to worry about it fading– just go and strut your stuff!