Lunch breaks… remember those? 

If you work in an office where eating at your desk (or while standing at the counter in the office kitchen) is pretty much standard, you will identify with this latest video from College Humor. In fact, you'll probably identify with it as you brush crumbs off your desk from that Londis roll you ate in front of your computer earlier.

The too-close-to-home video, titled "Your Desk: The Hottest New Lunch Spot," hits the nail on the head when it comes to sad desk lunches. Whether your go-to is eating a "limp salad while gazing vacantly at a HuffPo article," or a "vending machine pastry hastily scarfed in the middle of a conference call," you'll see a little bit of your 9-5 life in this video.

As for the "mayo-covered keyboard" from the "mayo-covered menu," who hasn't fallen foul of a messy sandwich while at their desk?

This is a must-see for any office workers out there. But, before watching it, we suggest you take a lunch break… an ACTUAL lunch break.