Another week, another ridiculous body trend to take over the internet.

This week, people are talking about thighs. The good news is that unlike the unsettling thigh gap trend, this one does not require you to have a particular body type.

In fact, the thighbrow is possibly the only body that requires minimal effort and it apparently looks the best when you are sitting down.


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Before you start drawing arches on the top of your legs, you should know the thighbrow is actually the crease created when your thigh meets your hip. 

It looks an eyebrow, hence the name, and with the growth in popularity of high-cut swimsuits, it's all over Instagram right now.

So, if your curiosity gets the better of you and you want to get in on the latest craze, all you have to do is sit down. Pretty much any kind of kneel or lifting of the legs that brings your thighs closer to your hips will do the trick.

Elle are claiming that the thigh gap is positive thing for a culture where body shaming often takes centre stage:

“It’s also another wave in the amazing body-positive movement that’s sweeping the internet right now. Because, it’s pretty natural to sport a thighbrow.”

Confused? Don’t worry, look at all of these celebs on Instagram showing off their thighbrows.

Khloé, naturally:


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Oh, and Kylie Jenner, because she never seems to not be on trend apparently:


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