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If your fiancé is snapped fooling around with a gorgeous A-List actress, you really want to be there to keep a close eye on him!

But Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux haven’t been seen together in weeks due to their hectic work schedules, and now rumours are heating up that he has his eye on someone else.

Justin and stunning actress Liv Tyler are co-starring in the TV series The Leftovers, which premières in the US next week.

In a series of photos posted to Liv’s Instagram, the co-stars are together on set, blowing bubbles and looking very happy indeed.

“Just passing time at work #theleftovers,” the 36-year-old actress captioned one of the images.

While Justin’s busy larking around with single Liv in New York, Jen’s been in LA finishing up filming for her upcoming movie Cake – and she doesn’t look at all like herself.

The usually super glam Jen went under a serious make-under for the role.

Not a good look when your man is said to be getting a little too flirty with someone else!





Bella Thorne says Drew Barrymore was “always in a beautiful mood” while they filmed new comedy Blended together.

The 16-year-old actress stars opposite the Hollywood star and Adam Sandler in the movie.

Drew and Adam play Lauren and Jim, a man and woman who end up in the same family resort after a bad blind date.

Bella, who plays Adam’s onscreen daughter Hilary, began her acting career on the small screen from a young age, just like Drew – who had her first big role in E.T. aged just seven-years-old.

“[Drew] didn’t have to give me any direct advice. She is just somebody to observe and learn from – she walks onto the set and gives everybody a hug, even if it’s 5:30 in the morning,” Bella said.

“She is always in a beautiful mood. She’s also been on the press tour, even though she just gave birth to her son Frankie. She’s was happy to do it, and she emphasises that both of her kids are healthy, what does she have to complain about? She thinks that way, and that makes her a beautiful person.”

Aw, very sweet!




Amanda Seyfried doesn’t think her relationship with Dominic Cooper could have lasted.

The Mamma Mia! co-stars split in 2010 after around two years of dating, but the 28-year-old actress thinks they were just too different to stay together for long.

”It would never have worked long-term. I’m too uptight for him. Or he’s too relaxed for me,” she said. ”He’s been with the same girl for ages. I hope they’re happy.”

The star of the upcoming Peter Pan movie is now loved up with actor Justin Long, so it seems it all worked out for the best!

The actress also opened up about the terrifying effect anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) had on her when she was younger, saying there were times she thought she was ”crazy”.

She said: ”I feel terrible for the younger me, because I thought I was crazy. Where was the fear coming from? It doesn’t make any sense. ‘I had my anxiety and my OCD – a lot of kids have it. You’re afraid of it; you’re afraid of your brain.”