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Moving in with your significant other is definitely a relationship milestone which most of us hope to reach once we realise this lad is so much more than a 'Netflix and Chill' merchant, but we'd be lying if we said it would be an easy transition.

While flicking through IKEA catalogues, you might imagine domestic bliss, weekend lie-ins and the start of a whole new chapter filled with love, life and laughter – you get basic when you get romantic – but it's not going to be as simple as all that.

Thinking you know them inside out just because you once survived food poisoning together is a fool's game because sharing a living space 24/7 is a whole different story.

Here are just ten things you THINK will happen after you turn the key in that lock, but believe us, they won't.

Expectation: Your entire relationship and attitude towards each other will change for the better.

Reality: “Your chewing is louder in this kitchen than it was in your old one….GREAT.”


Expectation: You will suddenly become so much more interested in home furnishings and dimmer switchers.

Reality: “How much?! Screw that, let's just see if your mam will lend us one for a year.”


Expectation: You will learn to cook and sit down to wholesome meals together.

Reality: “Have we figured out if the old Dominos is closer than the new chipper?”


Expectation: You will put an end to the questionable personal habits you have become accustomed to doing in the privacy of your own bedroom.

Reality: “What are you looking at? They're just toenail clippings and it's my room too, you know.”


Expectation: You will be extra watchful of bills, household waste and other grown-up things because it's just TIME, damn it.

Reality: “Oh my God, it's the electricity bill. Open it! No wait, don't open it. THROW IT OUT!”


Expectation: You will have sophisticated gatherings of friends and loved ones on a regular basis.

Reality: “Who is that asleep on the couch? I'm scared to check.”


Expectation: You will take up a wholesome hobby together because couples that jog together stay together, right?

Reality: “No, I'm not bloody going and those shorts are obscene.”


Expectation: You will begin discussing life goals in a much less vague fashion.

Reality: “IF I ever get married and IF I ever have kids…not saying that I will…what about you…actually I don't wanna know.”


Expectation: You will become more interested in domestic duties.

Reality: “Is that tea-towel mouldy AGAIN? That's your fault! I did laundry four weeks ago, sure!”


Expectation: You won't sweat the small stuff.

Reality: “This is the third time in a row that I've picked up the milk and I don't even USE it! That's it. WE'RE DONE!”



Whether you're taking the leap and getting a new place with your other half, or just letting them share the rent on your current place, moving in together is a HUGE leap.

Yes, it means no more living out of a rucksack as you spend the night at his place, and no more robbing his toothbrush because you forgot yours AGAIN.

But it also means sharing your personal space with another living, breathing (possibly snoring) human.

Here are a few things that will most definitely happen when you decide to co-habit…

1. You'll realise just how many clothes you have
"So I'll take the wardrobe, and this hanging rail, and you can have this… drawer?"


2. Cooking dinner for two is a BIG commitment
Gone are the days when you'd casually grab a spoon and the Nutella jar and call it a day


3. If your other half hasn't seen you in what you lovingly term 'casual mode,' they certainly will now
No bra, tracksuit pants, hair in a bun… this is how we do.


4. Toilet etiquette goes out the window
A closed door means nothing.


5. Washing the dishes will become the most hotly-discussed chore
"Eh no, it's NOT my turn, because I took the bins out two days ago, remember?!!"


6. You'll have to have adult conversations about things like furniture and bills
Can't we just go back to being kids, plz.


7. Your biggest arguments will be over the most insignificant matters
See point number 5.


8. It will become WAY harder to get out of bed in the mornings
So warm and cosy.


9. Personal space? LOL.
Everything is shared now. Everything.


10. What used to be 'date night' is now 'let's order fancy takeaway and watch Netflix' night
Living the dream, people.