Moving in with your significant other is definitely a relationship milestone which most of us hope to reach once we realise this lad is so much more than a 'Netflix and Chill' merchant, but we'd be lying if we said it would be an easy transition.

While flicking through IKEA catalogues, you might imagine domestic bliss, weekend lie-ins and the start of a whole new chapter filled with love, life and laughter – you get basic when you get romantic – but it's not going to be as simple as all that.

Thinking you know them inside out just because you once survived food poisoning together is a fool's game because sharing a living space 24/7 is a whole different story.

Here are just ten things you THINK will happen after you turn the key in that lock, but believe us, they won't.

Expectation: Your entire relationship and attitude towards each other will change for the better.

Reality: “Your chewing is louder in this kitchen than it was in your old one….GREAT.”


Expectation: You will suddenly become so much more interested in home furnishings and dimmer switchers.

Reality: “How much?! Screw that, let's just see if your mam will lend us one for a year.”


Expectation: You will learn to cook and sit down to wholesome meals together.

Reality: “Have we figured out if the old Dominos is closer than the new chipper?”


Expectation: You will put an end to the questionable personal habits you have become accustomed to doing in the privacy of your own bedroom.

Reality: “What are you looking at? They're just toenail clippings and it's my room too, you know.”


Expectation: You will be extra watchful of bills, household waste and other grown-up things because it's just TIME, damn it.

Reality: “Oh my God, it's the electricity bill. Open it! No wait, don't open it. THROW IT OUT!”


Expectation: You will have sophisticated gatherings of friends and loved ones on a regular basis.

Reality: “Who is that asleep on the couch? I'm scared to check.”


Expectation: You will take up a wholesome hobby together because couples that jog together stay together, right?

Reality: “No, I'm not bloody going and those shorts are obscene.”


Expectation: You will begin discussing life goals in a much less vague fashion.

Reality: “IF I ever get married and IF I ever have kids…not saying that I will…what about you…actually I don't wanna know.”


Expectation: You will become more interested in domestic duties.

Reality: “Is that tea-towel mouldy AGAIN? That's your fault! I did laundry four weeks ago, sure!”


Expectation: You won't sweat the small stuff.

Reality: “This is the third time in a row that I've picked up the milk and I don't even USE it! That's it. WE'RE DONE!”