The young woman at the centre of a high-profile sexual assault case has been found guilty this afternoon.

Gayle Newland, 25, had faced five charges at Chester Crown Court – and is guilty of three.

Although the jury could not reach an unanimous verdict, the judge accepted a 10:2 majority, allowing the verdict to be delivered within the last hour. 

Through tears, Newland shouted "I don't understand, I don't understand," shortly after the jury announced its findings.

More than two years ago, she tricked another 25-year-old woman with whom she became friendly into believing that she was a man.

She formed a romantic relationship with her and had sex with her on around ten occasions using a prosthetic penis.

The distressed victim had previously told the court she thought she was sleeping with a man called Kye Fortune.

She said she had been lead to believe that 'Kye' was recovering from a brain tumour and did not want her to see his scars – thus a blind-fold was used when they were intimate.

The assaults took place between February and June 2013.

During her trial, Newland had claimed that her victim "was always quite sexual".

She added: "She wanted me to touch her. She was the one who told me to go online and buy the strap-on."

The victim only discovered the truth when after she removed a blindfold to discover Newland standing over her wearing the sex toy.

Newland, who has been bailed, will be sentenced in November. The judge said today that imprisonment was "inevitable," although she will undergo psychiatric evaluation in the interim.