People, we are truly living in the future. 

We all know the trials and tribulations of getting on a long Dublin Bus commute, only to look at your phone to realise your battery is about to flat line. No Spotify or Insta scrolling you you, my friend. 

In response the longstanding pleas for charging ports on public transport, it seems that Dublin Bus are stepping up to the plate.

Amazed Twitter user omgDebbie uploaded a picture of the mythical new ports. 

According to The Daily Edge, a new fleet of updated Dublin buses are being rolled out, which have the upgraded feature. 

'This is a further enhancement to improve facilities for our customers,' the public transport service confirmed to the online publication. 

The response to the ports has been mixed, but mostly positive. 

'It's like stepping through the gates of technological heaven,' reads one Twitter response.

'Bets on upstairs ones being the first to be hacked to spread malware,' said another. 

We'll be keeping our eyes peeled for these ports on every journey from now on.

Feature image: Queen Yasmin (omgDebbie) / Twitter