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While Rihanna tends to shock in every way possible when it comes to most of her outfits – the singer decided to cover up for the latest issue of Harper Bazaar Arabia.

The singer looked completely unrecognisable as she donned traditional headdresses and designers robes for the magazine’s July/August issue.

Close up shots also shows the singer’s detailed and stunning make-up work with  pictures focusing on her thick winged eyeliner, dark crimson lipstick and decorative Henna hand stencilling.

We’re loving RiRi’s look and its far cry from the revealing dress she wore at the beginning of the month to the CFDA’s.






According to the Guys’ Choice Awards, Rihanna has been named the most desirable woman.

Rihanna will be the first to ever receive this new title and award at this Saturday’s annual festivities.

Previously announced honourees include Matthew McConaughey (Guy of the Year), Sandra Bullock (Decade of Hotness), Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Hot and Funny), Kevin Hart(King of Comedy), Mark Wahlberg (Troops Choice) and Andy Samberg (Primetime).

While we’re not too surprised by this revelation, considering how much of sexy icon Rihanna is.

But what we’re really dying to know is what exactly will Rihanna wear to the ceremony, because we’re not sure how she’s going to top her CFDA ensemble last Monday.




It’s not that long since Rihanna decided to reveal a little too much with her see through dress at the CFDAs on Monday.

But now the singer is at the centre of another controversy, as its been revealed that her perfume advert has now been banned in the UK.

The ad features Rihanna in a topless pose curled up against a giant bottle of perfume with a pair of heels.

The ad has been taken down in public areas in the UK where children could possibly see them. The British Advertising Standards Authority said that Rihanna’s pose could be considered “sexually suggestive” by some.

But we doubt Rihanna isn’t worried too much about her ad being banned, as the singer wasn’t even bothered by comments surrounding her CFDA ensemble!

And to prove how much she didn’t care about the comments, she decided to change her profile picture of Family Guy character Peter Griffin, who happens to be wearing the same controversial CFDA dress.

Oh Rihanna, you always have the best comebacks!





Rihanna isn’t exactly the shy and retiring type, so let’s say it didn’t come as complete surprise when the singer turned up at the annual Council of Fashion Designers of America Awards leaving pretty much nothing to the imagination.

Perhaps taking inspiration from her hit song Diamonds, Rihanna dazzled in a backless, custom made design by Adam Selman, which was made up of a total 216,000 Swarovski crystals.

While choosing underwear may be a tricky task when you’re wearing a see-through gown, Rihanna kept it simple with a nude thong and no bra. A fur wrap was the only thing that offered the star any cover.

Granted, if we had Rihanna’s body we’d want to show it off as well, but we can’t help but think that a little modesty goes a long, long way….

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