What was the reason behind Rihanna’s perfume ad ban?


It’s not that long since Rihanna decided to reveal a little too much with her see through dress at the CFDAs on Monday.

But now the singer is at the centre of another controversy, as its been revealed that her perfume advert has now been banned in the UK.

The ad features Rihanna in a topless pose curled up against a giant bottle of perfume with a pair of heels.

The ad has been taken down in public areas in the UK where children could possibly see them. The British Advertising Standards Authority said that Rihanna’s pose could be considered “sexually suggestive” by some.

But we doubt Rihanna isn’t worried too much about her ad being banned, as the singer wasn’t even bothered by comments surrounding her CFDA ensemble!

And to prove how much she didn’t care about the comments, she decided to change her profile picture of Family Guy character Peter Griffin, who happens to be wearing the same controversial CFDA dress.

Oh Rihanna, you always have the best comebacks!