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Earlier this month ODEON cinema conducted a short survey to find out about its customers interesting cinema habits and it makes for interesting reading.

At all 11 ODEON cinemas nationwide cinema goers are always guaranteed exceptional service, freshly popped popcorn, delicious popcorn topper options (and let’s not forget ODEON’s famous cheese sauce!) Guests also enjoy premiere seats with the best cutting edge iSense/IMAX technology screens.  

When asked how many times those surveyed had visited the cinema this year answers ranged from twice a year to a crazy 20 times a year. Irish people are known cinema lovers and visit more than any other nationality in Europe. An average of 3.3 trips per capita were made in Ireland in 2018 which is over twice the EU average of 1.6. 

 A whopping 92 percent of cinema goers said that they would never go to the cinema without some treats. Popcorn (surprise, surprise) was the favourite treat at 68 percent, while 6 percent said that nachos was their preferred treat. The rest of those surveyed opted for bagged sweets (8 percent), pick ‘n mix (9 percent) and Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream (9 percent). 

Reviews, particular actors and specific genres are what entice people into the cinema. Romance is alive and well in Ireland with the genre being the most popular (30 percent) closely followed by comedy (23 percent), action (20 percent), crime (17 percent). Surprisingly only 5 percent voted for rom-com but rather unsurprisingly horror movies came in at 5 percent also.

But keeping with the romance theme a Love Island contestant made it onto the dream cinema date list alongside Grammy award winners and Hollywood movie stars. Lucie Donlan (what – not Maura) was voted alongside rapper Drake, English actor Tom Hardy, Once Upon A Time in Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio and Australian dream boat Margot Robbie.

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Many other celebs such as Dame Judi Dench, Betty White and Ellen DeGeneres joined the ODEON dream date wish list to share The Deluxe (choose one medium popcorn, hot dog or nachos with 1 large soft drink for €9.75 or The Sharer; choose one medium popcorn, hot dog or nachos with 1 large soft drink and a bag of sweets for €13.75).

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 ODEON Cinemas Nationwide – Dublin (Blanchardstown, Charlestown, Coolock, Point Square, Stillorgan), Cavan, Limerick, Naas, Newbridge, Portlaoise and Waterford. 

For more information and booking please visit: http://www.odeoncinemas.ie/


From carpooling with James Cordon to running amok with Ellen DeGeneres, Britney Spears has been making some very unusual TV appearances of late.

And it seems the pop princess’ spree of televised entertainment is not over yet, as she has just confessed to crushing on Brad Pitt on Australia’s Today Show.

While taking part in a game of ‘Question Roulette’, the 34-year-old singer admitted that the Allied actor was her first celebrity crush, before quickly remarking with a smile that he is “single now”.

This isn’t the first time Britney has made her interest in Brad known, as back in 2005 she joked that he must be thinking about her after news of his divorce with Jennifer Aniston broke.

One day Britney, one day…