When it comes to climate change and carbon footprint, Leonardo DiCaprio is a man on a mission.

But long before Leo began promoting environmental awareness, there was only one lad you could call when it came to these matters – and that lad was Captain Planet.

Between Captain Planet and the world's favourite Oscar-dodger, we'd be in safe hands, so it’s no real surprise that the 41-year-old actor has taken up the production reins when it comes to the long-awaited Captain Planet movie.

Only dying to take pollution down to zero, Paramount and Appian Way Productions are bringing the 90s cartoon into the 21st century, and if a quick glance through the cartoon’s archives are anything to go by, it’s in dire need of a modern twist.

We mean, just take a look at the chaos which ensued when the Planeteers took a trip across the pond and wound up in Northern Ireland.

After taking a trip down memory lane with Sean and Stuart, we're fairly sure, you – like us – have a few questions.

Why did Belfast look like an intergalatic wasteland? Why did Sean morph between an Irish and Scottish accent? And why did Captain Planet only care about the 'old people'?!

Unsurprisingly, YouTubers had a hard time wrapping their heads around the cartoon's assessment of the situation in Ulster, with one writing: "Captain Planet will be fondly remembered as the show that united the Irish Catholics and Protestants in cringe."

"I don't know what's more catastrophic. The destruction of his neighbourhood or their attempt at Irish accents," wrote another.

We're with them…