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They won praise for continuing to share a home in the aftermath of their shock split – and it seems that Bennifer plan to live together when they move back to California too.

Indeed, the actors will reportedly rent Brooke Shields’s sprawling LA home once they leave Atlanta, where she is currently filming Miracles From Heaven.

Last month, Ben, 42, and Jennifer, 43, announced that they planned to divorce after a decade of marriage.

However, they continue to live together for the sake of three children: Violet, nine, Seraphina, six, and Samuel, three.

And while the duo already own a €16m property in the exclusive Pacific Palisades neighbourhood in west LA, they are having major construction work carried out and it won’t be ready by the time Miracles From Heaven wraps.

Meaning they are delighted to have secured Ms Sheilds’s 500sq metre, five-bed abode, which is located in the same area. Rent is believed to be set at a cool €27,500 a month.

Construction on their own house has also been delayed – seemingly in light of their changing domestic set-up.

It is believed that the pair have more recently added in a separate living dwelling for Ben on the grounds of the main house – where Jen and the children will reside.

Sources confirmed to Page Six that Mr Affleck will “remain with his family on this new property”.

Shortly after their split was made public last month, the entire Affleck-Garner clan went to the Bahamas for a holiday away from the headlines.

And last weekend, Ben was spotted holding an adorable golden retriever pup, which sources say the family rescued while in Atlanta.




Whether it’s their bottoms or their creepy injuries they’re showing off, it seems that the stars have no shame when it comes to selfies these days.

This is something that actress Brooke Shields demonstrated this weekend when she shared a terrifying selfie from one of the most frightening places in the world – the dentist’s chair!

The star took to Instagram to post a hilarious but equally disturbing shot of herself with a gigantic clear gum-guard in her mouth.

“My new heard shot taken at dentist!!!” joked the star.

Wow. We didn’t even know the human mouth could open that wide!

Needless to say, Brooke’s followers got quite the kick out of the funny post, with one commenting: “Been in the dental field for years…This cracked me up!!! Thanks for being so real…I’ve been a fan of you forever! You’re awesome!”

Well played, Brooke. Well played.