Star shares terrifying dentist chair selfie

Whether it’s their bottoms or their creepy injuries they’re showing off, it seems that the stars have no shame when it comes to selfies these days.

This is something that actress Brooke Shields demonstrated this weekend when she shared a terrifying selfie from one of the most frightening places in the world – the dentist’s chair!

The star took to Instagram to post a hilarious but equally disturbing shot of herself with a gigantic clear gum-guard in her mouth.

“My new heard shot taken at dentist!!!” joked the star.

Wow. We didn’t even know the human mouth could open that wide!

Needless to say, Brooke’s followers got quite the kick out of the funny post, with one commenting: “Been in the dental field for years…This cracked me up!!! Thanks for being so real…I’ve been a fan of you forever! You’re awesome!”

Well played, Brooke. Well played.