Gwyneth Paltrow is known for her loving her beauty treatments, which include wrinkle-busting laser facials, Chinese cupping therapy, macrobiotic diets and… the list goes on.

However, The Avengers star’s latest fad is definitely a top spot contender for weird regimes.

Chris Martin’s wife has admitted to undergoing bee venom therapy, which involves being stung by the live insect – ouch!

Talking to Marie Claire magazine the American actress said: “The craziest treatment I’ve tried is one where I was stung by a live bee. It’s called apitherapy and it’s apparently been used since Egyptian times to promote healing.”

Gwyneth added that venom is not the only bee-related product she likes.

She explained: “I was recently given bee venom therapy for an old injury and it disappeared. I was recommended bee pollen, raw honey and propolis for various purposes. So far, these recommendations have worked for me”.

Each to their own, we suppose.