First Hugh Jackman was rumoured to be arriving in Dublin this Friday, then it was confirmed that Kim will be at Kanye West’s side for hubby’s concert performance next month, and now this!

B.E.D nightclub in Newry have somehow managed to get the great Pharell Williams to make an appearance in their club on July 5th.

Pharrell will be in Ireland then as he’s supporting Kanye West’s gig at Marly Park in July. Even though it’s not specificed what exactly Pharrell will be doing in the club – we can imagine the club will fill up fast that night.

But fans of the nightclub didn’t believe that the Happy singer was really coming to the club, so much so, that the owners were forced to post a statement confirming the news on their Facebook page.

“As you can see we have tagged Pharrell’s official Facebook and our Artwork has his Official logo (i am other)! THIS IS 100&% LEGITIMATE OR HIS LEGAL TEAM WOULD DEMAND THAT WE REMOVED IT!”

Well that’s a definite then!