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OK, so we made it to the gym, we did our warm-up, ran on the treadmill, hammered out a few weights and now it's time to go home (thank god). 

Lazy girls aren't really workout girls, but it has to be done, right? And when the lazy girl has to make something to fuel themselves afterwards… it can almost be as hard as their workout (because who has the effort?!).

At this stage there are thousands of post-gym smoothies out there – and they're all very complicated. 

So, while this one isn't as fancy as the rest, it will do just the trick after a hard(ish) workout:

Almond and Banana Smoothie (serves two sweaty girls)

500ml almond milk

2 frozen bananas (if using fresh banana add some ice)

2 teaspoons almond butter

2 teaspoons Greek yoghurt

A grating of nutmeg

2 teaspoons of maple syrup




When it comes to eye liner, there really isn't a shape that will make you look bad, but instead there are certain tips and tricks that will accentuate your eyes, to make them look their best. 

Rita Ora's make-up artist, Kathy Jeung, created six looks for Cosmopolitan which shows all the hacks you need to know! 

Asymmetrical Eyes

If one is slightly larger than the other, you will need to use a liner technique that will help you correct and equal out both of your eyes.

Kathy suggests using a black kohl liner along the last line, from the inner corner to the outer corner, increasing the width at the outer corner on the slightly uneven eye only to make it appear wider and even. 


Close-Set Eyes

The key to this eye shape is creating the illusion that your eyes are wider apart than they are. 

First use concealer on the inner corners to lighten and open up the eye area. Then, on the outer third part of your eye, create a V shape using a black liner, and then trace the shape with a jumbo liquid liner to make a thick wing. 



Extend the product up the upper lid so the fold on the lower lid doesn't hide your liner. 

Kathy recommends using a waterproof black pencil along the lashline from the inner to outer corner and stopping where the eye ends. You can also smudge it out at the outer corners, using a small smudger brush. 


Wide Eyes

Wide eyes can handle a lot of different looks, so go for a bold cat eye if you want to make the biggest impact. 

Using a waterproof black liner pencil, create a tiny V in the inner corner of your eye. Then, go over the line with a liquid liner, and wing it out at the corner for a patent-leather look. 


Small Eyes

To widen small eyes, apply a taupe shadow over the eyelid all the way up to the crease. Next, along the lash line, use a black kohl pencil.

Smudge it with your fingertip and top with a dark brown eye shadow, increasing the amount of shadow at the outer corners. Along the lower lash line, repeat the black liner/brown shadow combo. 


Almond Eyes

To accentuate almond eyes, line the inner and lower lashes with a waterproof kohl pencil the entire way around your eyes, then trace the outer corners of the upper and lower lashlines, smudging it with a brush. 

Then, top it with a grey shadow to soften it and use bronzer to accentuate the crease for a natural effect. 


There are many reasons people are looking for alternatives to cow's milk on the market right now. 

Whatever your reason to cut back on dairy – here are some alternatives you can try out!

Most of these milk alternatives will be widely available in supermarkets in Ireland now but if not then your local health food store is a safe bet!

Many milk alternatives can have sugar added so always try to find ‘unsweetened’ varieties to protect your teeth!

1. Almond milk
Almond milk is always a safe bet as it has a really lovely nutty flavour that is great in coffee, porridge, cereal etc. It’s not as rich as regular milk but you’ll soon crave the great aroma is adds to your food!

2. Coconut milk
No, not the canned variety. This coconut milk is more watery and perfect for your dairy-free baking and dessert making! It also tasted great in coffee in you like a coconutty-flavour.

3. Rice milk
Rice milk is said to be the least fattening of milks so if weight loss is what you are after then this is for you! Rice milk is also the best hypo-allergic of milks and has a lovely sweet flavour you’ll enjoy in your coffee or breakfast.

4. Soy milk
Soy milk can be the best of the alternatives to use in savoury dishes as it has a very undistinguishable flavour unlike almond or coconut especially.

5. Hemp milk
Hemp milk is made from the seeds of the hemp plant and has a nutty flavour and is also a little sweet and is high in omega-3 fatty acids.