5 alternatives to cow’s milk you can add to your diet

There are many reasons people are looking for alternatives to cow's milk on the market right now. 

Whatever your reason to cut back on dairy – here are some alternatives you can try out!

Most of these milk alternatives will be widely available in supermarkets in Ireland now but if not then your local health food store is a safe bet!

Many milk alternatives can have sugar added so always try to find ‘unsweetened’ varieties to protect your teeth!

1. Almond milk
Almond milk is always a safe bet as it has a really lovely nutty flavour that is great in coffee, porridge, cereal etc. It’s not as rich as regular milk but you’ll soon crave the great aroma is adds to your food!

2. Coconut milk
No, not the canned variety. This coconut milk is more watery and perfect for your dairy-free baking and dessert making! It also tasted great in coffee in you like a coconutty-flavour.

3. Rice milk
Rice milk is said to be the least fattening of milks so if weight loss is what you are after then this is for you! Rice milk is also the best hypo-allergic of milks and has a lovely sweet flavour you’ll enjoy in your coffee or breakfast.

4. Soy milk
Soy milk can be the best of the alternatives to use in savoury dishes as it has a very undistinguishable flavour unlike almond or coconut especially.

5. Hemp milk
Hemp milk is made from the seeds of the hemp plant and has a nutty flavour and is also a little sweet and is high in omega-3 fatty acids.