Ah dating – no matter how you managed to secure that first date, you've probably heard the line, wanna go for a drink?

Though it may seem harmless, this is what you need to consider before agreeing.

According to a new study by Alcohol.org, that liquid courage isn't just relaxing the nerves, they're lowering your inhibitions.

Now, I'm sure you've heard that line a hundred times, but did you know 51 percent of first dates ended up between the sheets after five or more drinks?

1,002 people were questioned for the study, Drinking on Datesabout their alcohol intake on their most recent first date – and the results are very much a mixed bag. 

So let's kick off with going cold turkey – you can probably leave your sexy underwear at home, as only 10 percent of people reported getting it at the end of a first date when they didn't drink.

BUT, they are more likely to be going on a second date than those who lock lips around four or more drinks. 


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Now, there's nothing more annoying than wasting a face of makeup and an evening on a terrible date.

And for the ladies when things start to go sour, our alcohol intake lessens.

In fact 43 percent of women said they drink less when the date isn't going well – keeping those wits about you.

Interestingly, only a third of men do the same.

Perhaps the most important topic when it comes to alcohol and sex is consent.

Participates where asked how many drinks would you have to consume to consider themselves unable to give consent – and the answers were very insightful.

Split into male and female, 78 percent of men said five drinks or more, whereas 53 percent of women said the same.

But most telling is more than a fifth of women said three drinks or more would impact their ability to give consent, compared with just 9 percent of men.

Getting down to the nitty-gritty, they were then asked how many drinks would your partner/date need to consume before you believe they couldn't give consent.

If a potential lover drank five drinks or more, almost half of men would think that they couldn't give consent. 

Whereas 61 percent of women thought their date wouldn't be able to say yes, after having the same quantity.

19 percent of men said their partner couldn't give consent after 3 or more, compared to 16 percent of women.

Credit: Alcohol.org

So what does all this mean?

The correlation between people not being able to give consent after five drinks and more than half reporting having sex after that many drinks – seriously raises alarms.

Though the night might be going fabulously, and those feelings are in the air – keep in mind this study when you accept or buy another drink. 

As most things in life, moderation seems to be the best way to go, and most people opt for this.

They actively limit themselves to two drinks on a first date and score themselves a second date. –  Now, that's what we call success.