He may be one of our favourite Geordie Shore cast members, but when his conversation topics generally revolve around bars, booze and birds, it's hard to get a proper insight into the lad behind the party-boy persona.

It looks, however, like his decision to open up about his own personal experience of ADHD and hypomania has given the public a perspective on the Geordie lad they may not have had before now.

In honour of World Mental Health Day, the Celebrity Big Brother winner revealed that growing up with the condition was at times difficult, but insists he feels better able to control the symptoms as an adult.

"It’s a weird thing ADHD, because it is actually good in some ways. But when you’re a kid, it can be really bad, especially for concentration."

As a kid, I would just get side-tracked, I couldn’t sit still, I’d get so worked up and I’d cry and I’d go mad, or I’d lose my temper," he continued.

"But now that I’m an adult, it’s more controlled and it’s really good, because that’s like when you see me on Geordie Shore, running about the place, tidying up and always full of energy."

In spite of this, however, the reality star admits there have been times when he's become upset by the condition and allowed his frustration to get the better of him while filming scenes for the popular MTV show.

"There’s loads of moments on Geordie Shore you wouldn’t have seen where I’ve been upset, especially with ADHD. I’ve got so worked up when I’ve been drunk that I’ve actually started crying because I’ve been that annoyed, and I’ve had to run out the house," he explained.

Congratulating his friend and co-star for opening up about his struggles, Gaz took to Twitter, writing: "Proud of you, bro."

Scotty's followers have been quick to thank the star for helping to remove the stigma associated with the condition, with one writing: "Nice to hear older people speak out about it. My 9yr old son has it and ASD and its hard! People don't understand him."

"It's nice to see you speak openly about this condition. My son has ADHD and there are too many people who label him "naughty"," added another.

Fair play, Scotty.