As children, we all used the 5 second rule when we dropped our food (especially if it was a piece of chocolate cake), ensuring ourselves that "it's grand". 

While we might think that food dropping on the ground for a fleeting moment will cause no harm, researchers from the University of Illinois found that bacteria can be passed (damn it) on to food within 5 seconds – depending on the surface.

According the the research, it takes just 0.1 percent of bacteria to harm you and make you sick. 

The best place to drop your food is on a carpet (surprisingly), with only one percent of bacteria transferred.

You're out of luck though if you drop anything on a tile or wood floor, with 48 to 70 percent of bacteria contaminating the food. 

But the best way to stop your food being contaminated? Don't leave it on the ground for more than three second… or you know, just don't drop it at all.