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20 years

It is officially 20 years since the first Harry Potter book was released, so it's safe to say Pottermania is well and truly alive on Twitter.

From fans celebrating the book, to others thanking JK Rowling for her work, there's some brilliant tweets going around the Internet today.

Here's a look at our favourites:



It has been 20 frickin' YEARS since the Spice Girls made the music video for Wannabe – and we feel old.

Geri Halliwell took to Instagram to share a snap from behind-the-scenes of the vid, and Geri wrote a really cute caption alongside it.

She said, "20 years ago we shot a video for #wannabe Time flies. I still remember running around in my Mary Quant platforms, the sparkly leotard I bought from nottinghill market. Awh #younggirlsbigdreams."

Well Geri, we still remember turning on MTV (when they actually played music videos) and dancing around to that song in our PJs. Ah, the good times.