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15 minute dishes

Who loves spending hours in the kitchen in the evening to get dinner ready? Well, not us anyway.

But when you need to get dinner ready in only a few minutes, there is more you can do than get a cheeky takeaway or go for frozen or canned food. 

The recipes below are tried and tested favourites that guarantee a tasty feed and no time wasted. 

1. Gnocchi with lemon and chive pesto

2. Pitta pizzas

3. Stir-fried ginger chicken

4. Thai beef salad with noodles

5. Asparagus and ham omelette

6. Smoked bacon and potato frittata

7. Red pesto spaghetti

8. Chicken pesto salad

9. Tabouleh

10. Vegetable quesadillas

11. Prawn pad thai



We'll be honest – when we think 'fast food', we generally think grease, fat and more salt and vinegar than you can shake a stick at.

But food which can be prepped, cooked and consumed in record time does not have to be unhealthy.

And considering our New Year resolution had something to do with, you know, creating the body we've always wanted, it's high-time we schooled ourselves on the dishes which will fill us up and do our body good…without having to sacrifice our entire evening.

And here are just five of our absolute favourites so far.

1. Salmon with Boy Choy and Apple Slaw 

Packed full of protein and vitamins, this super-easy dish is exactly what you need when you're stuck for time, but keen to stick to resolutions.

While the salmon cooks through, you are free to prepare the slaw. And voila! A healthy dish in mere minutes.

2. Carrot & ginger immune-boosting soup

Soup is the ultimate comfort food, and there's nothing better than a comfort food which packs a nutritional punch and can be prepared in next to no time, right?

Blitz your ingredients (including your veg stock) in a blender, and then heat until piping hot. Done and done.

3. Spicy Asian Chicken Salad

Gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, and low carb, this quick and easy dish seems almost too good to be true, but it can be all yours with just a few minutes in the kitchen.

This particular recipe serves four, so why not divide the remaining batch and use them for the next few day's lunches?

4. Quick Pork Chow Mein

In just 15 minutes you'll have a healthy version of one of our favourite take-away dishes – what more could you want?!

With five minutes of prep and ten minutes of cooking, this dish will stop you reaching for the takeaway menu, and tick all the boxes on the nutritional checklist.

5. Spicy sundried tomato and feta omelette

When it comes to protein-rich dishes, you can't go wrong with eggs. (And it helps that we adore feta.)

Easy to cook and oh-so versatile, this omelette is the perfect dish to prepare when the last thing you want to do is spend unnecessary time in the kitchen.