Dinner heroes! 11 recipes you can make in 15 minutes or less

Who loves spending hours in the kitchen in the evening to get dinner ready? Well, not us anyway.

But when you need to get dinner ready in only a few minutes, there is more you can do than get a cheeky takeaway or go for frozen or canned food. 

The recipes below are tried and tested favourites that guarantee a tasty feed and no time wasted. 

1. Gnocchi with lemon and chive pesto

2. Pitta pizzas

3. Stir-fried ginger chicken

4. Thai beef salad with noodles

5. Asparagus and ham omelette

6. Smoked bacon and potato frittata

7. Red pesto spaghetti

8. Chicken pesto salad

9. Tabouleh

10. Vegetable quesadillas

11. Prawn pad thai