Study reveals why men drive women to cheat


A study from the online dating site, Victoria Milan, has revealed that the majority of women who cheat, do so because of certain irritating qualities from their partner.

Victoria Milan is a dating site specifically designed for those who are interested in cheating on their partners.

The site decided to conduct a survey on why some women are so keen to cheat on their partners by questioning their 6,000 female users on the topic.

The results were interesting.

The study revealed that 73% of women who were surveyed, decided to cheat due to their partner’s irritating qualities. But the exact irritating reasons for each woman’s partner, varied.

19% felt that their partner’s poor sense of humour was a good enough reason to cheat. While 16% of women decided to stray due to a lack of understanding from their current partner.

The dating site also revealed other reasons for why some women are so keen to cheat on their partner, from not being good in bed, to being lazy, lack of manners and their partner’s poor attention to detail.

But Victoria Milan revealed that what drove women onto the site in the first place was mostly their desire to find a lover who has polar opposite qualities to their current partner. Ouch!