Star denies reports she was BANNED from film premiere


It was reported this week that Oscar-nominated actress Angelina Jolie ‘personally banned’ Kim Kardashian, Internet Breaker, from the world premiere of her World War II film Unbroken. Ooof.

Kim who was Down Under promoting her new fragrance Fleur Fatale apparently got wind of the red carpet event in Sydney and contacted Angie’s peeps in a bid to snag a couple of tickets, but was said to be well and truly pied in the face.

A source has revealed: “Angie’s people told Kim to buzz off and that Angie didn’t want to socialise with Kim or do a photo op in Australia with her. Kim was crushed.” We would be too, in fairness.

Apparently, recently-married Ange has bigger goals in mind than rubbing shoulders with the controversial reality TV star, with a source saying: “She is focused only on getting the Oscar nomination she’s always wanted and didn’t give Kim a second thought.” Ouch.

Kim, however, has gone on to deny these embarrassing reports with a spokeswoman from Kim’s camp saying: “The story is preposterous. Completely false. She did not ask to attend the premiere.”

Hmmm, who to believe?